The 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 will be the most spectacular event of the most famous automobile race in the world. The History of the Indianapolis 500 tells the story of the first century of competition, revealing that the first Indy car race was in 1911, but the national emergencies of World War I and World War II interrupted the event because of the gasoline rationing. Discover each race with more attention and more detail focused on the biggest and most significant races, the glorious traditions of the race, and the most impactful and memorable drivers. Highlights include the evolution of speed and mechanics as they occur and key figures and personalities the Motor Speedway has hosted. Recall some of Indy cars most talented drivers such as A.J. Foyt, Rick Mears, Al Under, Sr., and Mario Andretti and their successful careers at the Indianapolis 500. For roughly the first 85 to 90 years of the Indianapolis 500, the race was very dangerous with a long history of fatalities amongst drivers, officials and even spectators. After the SAFER barrier and other safety measures were implemented in the early 2000s, the race became much less hazardous and deaths during the racing have drastically decreased. Race through history and see how the greatest spectacle in racing has evolved from 1911 to 2016.

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