Originally published in 1926, the book is extremely rare in its first edition. The book comprises of a collection of articles put together by the editor of the Pit Bull Fancier - the leading Game Dog journal of the day - and is packed with photographs and information. A fascinating read for any fan of the breed. Contents Include: The Origin of the Bull Terrier Famous Dogs of the Past Battle Record of Maguires Old Smuggler Farewell to the Game The Famous Old Danger Two Famous Battles Jack the Ripper The Turk vs Jim Battle The Great Interstate Battle Superior Gameness Shown in Major vs Shine A Lively Dog Fight The Famous Gas House Dog Famous Battles Battle Given by H.E Reynolds of Jackson, Mississippi Corcoran's Terry The Famous Crazy Kate Through that First One A Battle of Interest Rules Governing Recognized Pit Contests The Pit Bull Terrier of Today A Word to Beginners Careful Breeding Training of a Pup Feeding the Pup How to Condition for the Pit Handling in the Pit Three Game Dog Types On Gameness To Chain Break a Dog Diseases and Treatment Rabies or Hydrophobia Care of Bitch and Puppies When to Breed The Spring-Pole Some of the Foul Tricks Used Names of Some Great Dog Fanciers and Their Dogs Learn By Doing A Flea to the JuryKeywords: Pit Bull Terrier Game Dog Leading Game Famous Battles Old Smuggler Pup Gameness Bull Dogs House Dog Terrier Dogs Famous Dogs Crazy Kate Maguires Jack The Ripper Jackson Mississippi Corcoran