"I must congratulate you on GLOBISH THE WORLD OVER. It's a pioneering text of great importance, full of enthralling insights for native and non-native English users alike." — Robert McCrum, author, The Story of English and Literary Editor, London Observer. Globish, as a concept, takes to task the world hegemony of arrogant English-speakers. Hence the landmark book Don't Speak English - Parlez Globish became a best-seller in French, and other languages, but it never appeared in English. GLOBISH THE WORLD OVER is the first book written in Globish-English. Non-native English speakers from non-Anglophone countries use English better between themselves than with any native English speaker. Globish codifies their very efficient "similar limitations." The word Globish may strike English-speakers as an "odd" way to rename their English. However billions of speakers in Brazil, Russia, India and China will be the new "owners" of what the world is now calling Globish. The implications are far-reaching. GLOBISH THE WORLD OVER discusses this phenomenon, and demonstrates that Globish - as a deliberate and sufficient subset of English for international communication - is limited more by a person's communication ability than by mere words.