The Village of Grosse Pointe Shores, nestled along the shore of Lake St. Clair just north of Detroit, is the smallest of the five Grosse Pointe communities. After the settlement of Detroit in 1701, the area that would become Grosse Pointe Shores saw the arrival of French habitants who built their ribbon farms. Beginning in the 1860s, the area began to change as well-to-do Detroiters erected summer homes on the lakeshore. The Village of Grosse Pointe Shores was formally established in 1911, and the community grew as great mansions were built along Lake Shore Road. Following World War II, the community evolved yet again as the grand mansions disappeared and properties were subdivided. By the end of the 20th century, the village had grown into an established community of comfortable, well-maintained homes. In 2011, these residents gathered together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their community.