A must-buy for the Geography Bee contestant! - Karan Menon, 2015 National Geographic Bee Champion, 2015 United States Geography Olympiad JV Champion, and 2017 International Geography Bee U.S. Varsity Championships Third Place Winner. The Geography Bee Comprehensive U.S. Reference Guide groups nearly 10,000 locations, facts, place names, physical features, landmarks, and sites by category by state/territory as fact files to help you whiz through the United States rounds and questions of the National Geographic Bee, United States Geography Olympiad, International Geography Bee, and North South Foundation (NSF)'s Geography Bee Contests. With between 1-3 pages of information per state/territory, this book will make you a complete master of U.S. Geography, which constitutes the topics in the most popular rounds in the National Geographic Bee. Included are geographic extremes of the United States in a separate chapter, to help answer tiebreaker and lightning round questions quickly and easily. The first one hundred U.S. Geography questions from each of the following three books (Geography Bee Ultimate Preparation Guide, Competitor's Compendium to the Geography Bee, and Quintessential Questionnaire to the Geography Bee) have been provided in the book as well, to practice alongside the fact files. This book is for the ardent competitor, and for those who are seeking to place either in their State/National Geographic Bees, USGO National Championships, IGB National Championships, and NSF Senior/Junior National Finals.Be sure to check out the following geography bee books written by Keshav Ramesh to help you prepare for the competition:The Geography Bee Ultimate Preparation Guide A Competitor's Compendium to the Geography Bee The Quintessential Questionnaire to the Geography Bee