"I've had the privilege of knowing two amazing psychics in my life-Armand Marcotte and Betsey Lewis. Both Armand and Betsey have touched lives with their remarkable gift of prophecy." -Ann Druffel, renowned author of "The Psychic and the Detective," "Past Lives, Future Growth" and "The Tujunga Canyon Contacts" "Never Can Say Goodbye "answers questions to the mysteries of life and death. Why we are here? What is heaven? Is there a hell? Where we go when we die? Can we communicate with our loved ones? Do animals reincarnate? Do we have soul mates? What happens to those who commit suicide? What are ghosts? What is happening to the Earth? Are we in the End Times? Do ETs really exist? Who are the new children? Do we create our own reality? These are just a few of the many questions answered by internationally renowned psychic-medium and earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis who began communicating with invisible beings at the age of three. By the age of eight, Betsey was visited by her deceased grandfather who stood over her bed one night. Not only has she had spirit encounters, but her life has been saved numerous times by invisible hands. Betsey has foreseen major disaster before they happened including 9/11, the eruption of Mount. St. Helen's volcano in 1980, the Japanese earthquake on March 11, 2011, the Sandy Hook elementary shootings, the Indonesia earthquake in 2004 and Bobby Kennedy's assassination. She continues to predict major earth changes with amazing accuracy.The book title was given to Betsey by her departed sister when Betsey prayed silently for her sister Kathy to move on in the spirit world. She replied by turning off the radio as the Jackson Five sang, "Never Can Say Goodbye "at the exact moment Betsey walked into the room. It was then Betsey understood her sister was her new Spirit Guide, and would be with her for the rest of her life.Discover how you can understand the soul lessons you came back to Earth to learn-love, grief, forgiveness, compassion, and joy. Discover how you can change your life and destiny by understanding the physics of life. Learn how to communicate with the Other Side and contact your loved ones.