In a world of limitless technology, we are more connected than ever before but our hyper-connected lifestyles threaten our ability to know ourselves and interact with each other. By focusing on the four core values that allow us to become truly "connected" in tech-centric societies-empathy, patience, focus, and humility-Otto demonstrates that the power of technology is not in the tool, but in the intention of the person using it. Everyday Ambassadoroffers a unique solution to those who aspire to truly make a difference in the twenty-first century-revealing the secrets of how to unite people, even when technology keeps us at a distance from others-emotionally and physically. Otto helps us lift our heads up from our cell phones and tablets and take a look at the people standing right in front of us. In a time when good citizenship is the new currency of cool, Everyday Ambassadorgives us the tactics to connect in our disconnected world.