Bills pile up; relationships fall apart; kids go wild; and co-workers are sometimes completely nuts. The struggle is truly real, but Gods grace is amazingly life-changing. No struggle can overpower His love. Encourage yourself with daily prayers, devotionals and bible stories for adults struggling in faith. Build up your most holy faith.Never underestimate the power of God's love working through your faith. Gain strength and build your faith as you meditate on bible stories about the best of the best; struggles to success; stories and parables in scripture. The Struggle Is Real, but so is Your God. In every struggle there is a lesson a blessing and a success. Struggle free living is not always possible, but victory over struggle is always possible with God. We may go through tough times, but scripture tells us we can be delivered from them all. Learn to bridge the gap between struggle and success and walk in a new level of peace, joy, and happiness.