Get Back On Track After Your Weight Loss Surgery reveals the missing link between wanting success after WLS and achieving it! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to completely transform after their surgery while others struggle after their initial success? Most people look for help and answers by focusing on the strategy of getting great results - what to eat and how much physical activity to do - yet although strategy is clearly important, it is not the place to start. Why? Because most people know what to do already! Knowing what to do and doing it on a consistent basis, however, are very different matters. Everyone talks about strategy but they've forgotten about the real problem. If you're struggling to get the results that you want, the real problem is probably not your strategy: the true obstacle is your mindset. So, if you feel as if you've been stuck at a particular weight for too long, fallen off track, or even started to re-gain weight, then it's likely that you haven't yet made the necessary mindset changes to support your surgery. Don't despair - it's never too late to do this and we'll guide you through a simple set of steps to help you to get your mindset right and get you back on track so that you can get the best long-term results! Filled with mind-shifting and empowering insights, strategies, tools, tips and activities, this book will teach you: The Powerful importance of focusing on what you want rather than worrying about things you don't want; - How to mentally and emotionally make your health your number one priority in order to get the results you want; - How to create a new supportive identity that will set you up for success; - The keys to breaking stubborn habits, such as emotional eating, once and for all; - Smart strategies around stress management, nutrition and movement; - And more! Now you can get out of your own way, and your mind can finally conspire for your body's success!