Welcome to the Heaven's sons revealed on earth. This book is designed to get you on the road to a supernatural lifestyle that will see the process of transformation from Christian to son of the Kingdom. All Sons and Daughters are called to walk with God and to enjoy the realms of heaven, but most importantly, we are all called to release heaven on earth. This just won't happen while we remain committed to a system that prevents the maturating of sons and daughters. The worlds are groaning for the revelation of the Sons of God and a system that acts as a gate keeper and not as a gate opener for the King won't enable us to see the need to walk where we are all called to walk. The Church is called to be that gate opener, and Fathers and Mothers in the Church are called to show the Sons and Daughters the gates. This book is an invitation to revolution and reformation in the body of Christ. It is not to dismiss the Church, but to lift her up as the true gate opener, so that the King of glory may come in.