Want to experience happiness and inner peace? High Priestess Moonwater SilverClaw reveals the powerful and uplifting spirituality known as Wicca. She pulls back the curtain and lets you in on real secrets. Moonwater shares her personal stories of how Wicca saved her life and empowered her to release herself from a destructive marriage. She introduces Wicca practice with potent spells for healing and increased prosperity. She helps you overcome the blocks of low self-esteem, limiting beliefs about money, and subconscious barriers. This book helps you make breakthroughs to manifesting what your heart desires. In Praise of Moonwater SilverClaw's book: "Moonwater expresses profound Wicca concepts. Wicca actually saved her life and empowered her to leave an abusive marriage, and this shows the power of this sacred path to positively change the course of our lives, too." - Patrick McCollum, recipient, Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Religious Pluralism. "A well-written, fresh look into Wicca. [This book] almost feels as if a close friend or trusted mentor were explaining the ins and outs of the Wiccan experience. Rather than saying, 'Here's how it's done, ' the book extends its hand and says, 'Here, let me show you.' I would certainly recommend this book." - Heather Greene, blogger, www.miraselena.com "Moonwater's writing [provides] a story about making your own happy endings, about rescuing yourself." - Jason Pitzl-Waters, blogger at WildHunt.org "This is like sharing a nice cup of coffee with a new friend, while you two are taking a walk in the woods. Moonwater has a LOT to teach all of us, from the young person who wants to know why she feels 'special, ' to us seasoned practitioners of Wicca." - Angus McMahan, blogger, http: //www.patheos.com/blogs/askangus/ About the Author: Moonwater SilverClaw is a Wiccan High Priestess and member of the Covenant of the Goddess and the New Wiccan Church. Her personal story reveals how Wicca saved her life and helped her strengthen herself to secure her release from an abusive marriage. Moonwater posts at her blog, TheHiddenChildrenoftheGoddess.com, which has readers from over 101 countries. Called to write the blog even through she is dyslexic, she works with a team of editors. She has addressed college students in Comparative Religion classes for over ten years. She leads workshops, and her work is endorsed by notables including Patrick McCollum (Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Religious Pluralism). Moonwater SilverClaw can be contacted at: AskAWitchNow@gmail.com Or at her popular blog: TheHiddenChildrenoftheGoddess.com