This latest collection of rhythms helps you take the next step in playing West African drums for dancers, in a group, or just for fun. Learn basic accompaniment parts, selected bass drum (dunun) and bell patterns and variations, and traditional djembe solos. Roots Jam 3 adds to the previous Roots Jam books in offering complete and cohesive ensemble arrangements for 16 popular dance rhythms. Included are lessons and exercises to help you understand basic downbeat, upbeat and offbeat timing; choose from available bell and clave patterns; and learn both traditional and improvised lead djembe solos. Practice listening to and playing parts with the optional audio CD (available from Also featured is notation for 27 original compositions by Nowick Gray, with audio tracks on a second CD. Roots Jam 3 draws from Nowick Gray's experience studying with world drum masters and playing for dance classes, compiling 16 arrangements for West African Drum and Dance, along with original compositions and recordings.