THE ADVENTURES OF BEN 10 ARE OUT OF THIS WORLDBen 10 remains stuck in the Fourth Dimension with Aztak, a bounty hunter who s hit the jackpot and can t wait to cash in as soon as he sells the fifteen-year-old superhero and his amazing Omnitrix to the highest bidder.Meanwhile, Ben s friends Gwen and Kevin think Ben s been murdered. They blame the Forever Knights and can t wait to annihilate the tech-stealing scoundrels if they can ever find their hideout. But the Forever Knights plan to zap Gwen and Kevin with a weird gadget they grabbed from Aztak s crashed spaceship (once they figure out how it works).Unfortunately for all concerned, that particular gadget has the power to blast everybody (and a good chunk of the neighborhood) to smithereens unless Ben escapes the Fourth Dimension, eludes Aztak s clutches, and finds the Forever Knights lair and his pals before time runs out."