The Trinity River is the "bluebird capital of Texas." The Red River once marked the southern boundary of Indian country. And stories of Judge Roy Bean's frontier justice, "law west of the Pecos River," have found their way into Texas folklore. In short, Texas' rivers give life to the state and impart to it a rich history. In Rivers of Texas, Verne Huser explores the majesty and background of Texas' waterways. He explains that the quality and quantity of river water affects nearly everything in Texas and profoundly conditions people's daily lives. Huser identifies four groups of rivers: border rivers, such as the Sabine; heart-of-Texas rivers that include the Trinity; regional rivers such as the Neches; and Gulf Coast rivers such as the Guadalupe. He provides information about the size, location, tributaries, and special sites along each river and combines his descriptions with colorful legends and personal anecdotes.