Unleash the power within you! Dramatically improve your health! Bring purpose, enthusiasm, energy and abundance into your life! This unique book, written for the beginner and seasoned practitioner of Yoga, outlines in simple, readable language a new and innovative approach that combines two ancient arts of Yoga and Massage to activate and access the innate, self-healing power that resides in all human beings.Kundalini Yoga Massage embodies the philosophy and the science behind yoga and also provides practical techniques to remove physiological blockages and unlock the innate life force that lie dormant in all human beings. Author Dr. Gita Jethalal, who has more than forty years of experience in the health care field, combined with a lifetime of yoga knowledge, discusses the new and innovative seven-step massage technique that focuses on stimulating the seven chakras within the spinal column.A practical book for those who wish to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being, Kundalini Yoga Massage reveals the history, philosophy, and science behind yoga and focuses on integrating and unifying the science of the West with the wisdom of the East for the benefit of your health and well-being. It shows how yoga increases the flow of life force energy and assists you to deal with the stressors of modern society more efficiently and to improve all areas of your life.Since Kundalini Yoga Massage Seven Steps to Activate the Seven Chakras and Power People's Prana is new, Dr. Gita has designed an extensive curriculum for professionals and weekend workshops for those wishing to learn the basics for their own personal use. She can be contacted at kundaliniyogamassage@gmail.com.