A rogues gallery of social misfits formed the Nazis' inner circle. They hated and conspired against each other but were held together by their admiration for the Fuhrer, and step by step they dragged the nation towards the abyss. Drawing on a wide range of sources, author Paul Roland unravels the web of diplomacy, deceit and double-dealing which Hitler spun to ensure the war he had always wanted. This is the extraordinary story of the little Austrian corporal with the twisted psycho who rose from obscurity to command the world's most formidable military machine, before destroying himself and the empire he claimed would last a thousand years. While demanding that the German people made sacrifices for a war which few in Hitler's inner circle believed they could win, Nazi leaders were leading lives of incredible debauchery, privilege and power. It was theft and murder on the grandest scale. This book features the stories of ordinary people caught up in the web of history, living in the grip of a regime that did not care if it destroyed the whole country in pursuit of its perverted goals. Featuring a section on the Nuremberg Trials when the Nazis were brought to justice. Includes portraits of the Nazi leaders.