Imagine 30 years of warfare. Imagine a powerful earthquake destroying your livelihood and home. Imagine your village destroyed and your family murdered in genocide. Writer/photographer Chip Duncan takes readers on a journey through three of the world's most challenging places. What he finds- hope- might surprise you.Few countries are of more interest and importance today than Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan. Yet, most of us will never visit these challenging places. Duncan takes viewers into the heart of conflict and shares the human face and stories of those who live there. He also helps to defy stereotypes while undermining the fear that has often driven our perceptions and our policies.Enough to Go Around puts a face on thoughtful and vibrant men, women and children who've been marginalized by years of conflict and poverty. This is the first book of still photography from veteran documentary filmmaker and writer, Chip Duncan, who takes us on a journey through over 70 breathtaking, inspiring, troubling and thought-provoking color images that truly bridge the gap between us and them.