Golf Mind Play is an indispensable guide for golfers of all standards. It is a concise and convenient quick reference tool. The practical tips and routines will allow you to play out of your mind. "Mastering the fundamentals makes up only part of what it takes to be an accomplished golfer. If you can master the mental game, you will take strokes off your handicap." says Tracy Tresidder golf mind coach. The practical tips and routines will allow you to play golf out of your mind, lower your handicap and enjoy your golf more than ever. You will learn how to relax and play golf in the zone, lower your handicap by outsmarting your brain, remove your self sabotaging techniques, eliminate bad habits and mental mistakes, discover how to stay clam, enjoy your golf more and lower your handicap. Chapters include: Overcoming negative influences, high score anxiety, fear, focus, using your instincts, trusting your subconscious, playing in the present, overcoming destructive thinking, learning to love the challenge and the importance of consistency. The final chapter provides a list of practical playing tips using mind play and a comprehensive list of recommended readings. This book is for both the new and experienced golfer. Start practicing and mastering the mental tips and strategies you will find in this book and watch you golf game improve out of sight!