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Messages From Michael : 25th Anniversary Edition
Twenty-five years ago, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and her friends began sharing messages from a group entity that called themselves "Michael." Michael's words were offered without alteration or interpretation for...


Heart and Soul Cards
Fifty cards that aim to warm your heart and soul and give you insight into the true meaning of life. Post these cards in your home, your office, your car or any place where you want to be reminded that life is a gift we must...


The Tao of Equus : A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation Through the Way of the Horse
In The Tao of Equus, author Linda Kohanov intertwines the story of how she awakened to the spiritual presence of horses with compelling mythology, research, and personal anecdotes. The result is an extraordinary story of healing...


Of Heaven and Earth : Essays Presented at the First Sitchin Studies Day


5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams : A Fast, Effective Way to Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams
"Packed with sound principles and sage advice, Holloway's practical handbook helps readers hear their inner dream guide." -Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming and The Healing Power of Dreams Have...


Personal Mastery Program : Discovering Purpose and Passion in Your Life and Work
Many of us have yearned to "master our lives." Yet in practice, we find ourselves at the mercy of forces seemingly outside our control. What's the secret? Three pillars: awareness, intention, and passion-what...


The Best of Charles Jayne
Included in this volume, which is four books in one, are four significant works by Charles Jayne: Horoscope Interpretation Outlined, Introduction to Locality Astrology, Parallels: Their Hidden Meaning, and The Technique of...


A Return to Love Workshop : The Basics of a Course in Miracles
On July 1-3, 2011, Marianne Williamson taught a workshop on A Course in Miracles in Los Angeles, California. The topic of the weekend was how miracles shifts in thinking from fear to love make all the difference in how we live...


Knowledge of the Higher Worlds : How is it Achieved?
Rudolf Steiner's foundational handbook for spiritual and personal development has grown more modern with time, though his methods remain clearly distinguishable from many current paths of inner work. First, Steiner's...


Goddess Isis Journal
This deluxe illustrated journal by renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author Alana Fairchild is your key to connecting and working with the energy of the great Egyptian Goddess Isis. By devoting time to connecting with...


Ghost Stalker: No. 2 : A Psychic Medium Visits Europe's Most Haunted Castles
Ghost Stalker Two is a psychic's personal journey to the United Kingdom's most haunted castles and ancient mystical locations. It is a fascinating look at the legends of haunted places and a psychic who tracks down the...


Fenestra Tarot
That artist, Chatriya has creatively fused traditional tarot symbolism with elements from her own culture and influences as far reaching as Egypt, Art Deco, mythology, and Japanese manga. Illustrated with soothing colors,...


Thought : The Only Reality
Thought: The Only Reality explores the endless possibilities of the human mind from an unorthodox perspective, taking the reader on a journey into the infinite realm of thought. This book explores such topics as the interactions...


The Art of Mindful Walking : Meditations on the Path
Mindfulness is a technique of focused awareness that has its roots in Buddhism. It makes the present moment vividly tangible, heightens the senses, and increases our ability to think clearly and make positive life choices.The...


Keepers of the Garden
A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other existences were on alien worlds and in other dimensions.As this unique case is explored further, he finds out that...


Catfulness : Hoe een kat ons kan leren gelukkig en mindful te leven


Standing in a River Waving a Stick
Brilliant, witty, perceptive essays about fly-fishing, the natural world, and life in general by the acknowledged master of fishing writers. With his inimitable combination of wit and wisdom, John Gierach once again celebrates...


Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your Life
East meets West as renowned healer and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sha teaches readers a radical new way to heal through meditation and communication with the soul. This introductory book in the Soul Power series takes...


Joy of Being : Awakening to One's True Identity
Fulfillment and Joy through the Realization of Our Essential Identity When challenges arise in your life, what happens inside of you? For many of us, the larger the problem, the more we resist, contract, and react...


The Art of Meditation
This classic, bestselling introduction to a regular program of daily meditation defines meditation's vital role in spiritual living, and features careful instructions, illustrative examples, and specially written...


Life After Death : Some of the Best Evidence
Discover Proof Positive of the Other Side It's the essential-and seemingly unknowable-question that has haunted mankind since the beginning: What happens after we die? In Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence,...


The Power of Mercury : Understanding Mercury Retrograde and Unlocking the Astrological Secrets of Communication
A lively guide to surviving and thriving during Mercury Retrograde-and to unlocking the astrological secrets of Mercury, the planet that rules communication.Mercury Retrograde: We've all heard about its effects. E-mails...


The Modern Witchcraft Book of Love Spells : Your Complete Guide to Attracting Passion, Love, and Romance
From the author of the Modern Witchcraft series comes a new book on romantic spells to bring you love, companionship, and passion, with straightforward, accessible spell instructions.The Modern Witchcraft Book of Love Spells is...


Finding Elen : The Quest for Elen of the Ways
This is a remarkable quest for the elusive deer goddess led by Caroline Wise with contributions from Caitlin Matthews, Andrew Collins and others. With its rich harvest of words and ideas, it brings the figure of Elen into focus...


Complete Idiot's Guide to the Akashic Record : Tap into the Timeless Wisdom of the Universe
The universal consciousness is an open book to those willing to explore it. The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to the Akashic leads readers on a journey into their personal past, present, and future, learning the fundamentals...


The Healing Therapies Bible : Godsfield Bibles
The Healing Therapies Bible profiles more than 50 therapies, explaining the principles on which they are based, their history in practice, and wherever possible, shows them in action.New healing techniques are now being taught...


Zetatalk : Direct Answers from the Zeta Reticuli People
The contents of the book began on an on-line forum in January 1995, when contactees were requested to query their alien visitors. ZetaTalk moved onto the web within months. This book represents the accumulation to date of Zeta...


222 Meditation Techniques


The Druid Way Made Easy
Graeme K Talboys has been Druid for a long time. An encounter with a spirit in a beech grove fifty years ago convinced him that the eye rarely sees all there is to see. A few years later he realised there were ways to discover...


Magic Sealing Wax
Customize invitations, greeting cards, spells, rituals, and more with enchanting wax stamps. Boxed kit includes natural wax and a metal sealThe companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English,...


Gratitude Journal : Gratitude Journal for Kids: Boys Write in Journal
Its never to early to have your child start a gratitude journal to teach them how to be grateful for everything and everyone in their life. This Gratitude Journal for kids is a blank gratitude journal that encourages your...


Mindfulness In Nature
Mindfulness in Nature helps readers separate themselves from their busy lives, and allows them to engage in a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the natural world around them through meditative practice. Now more than...


The Rosen Method : Coming Alive and Staying Alive in the 21st Century
Presence is essential to existence. With a focus on both universal and human themes, Marilyn studies the meaning and importance of presence in


The Complete Enochian Dictionary : A Dictionary of the Angelic Language as Revealed to Dr John Dee and Edward Kelley
In 1581, Dr. John Dee, an advisor in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, began a series of experiments intended to explore the ability to contact the spirit world. With Edward Kelley acting as the medium in these experiments, Dee...


Los grandes enigmas del cielo y la tierra / The Great Mysteries of Heaven and Earth
The official humanity history have made a task of paramount importance, meritorious and praiseworthy. The other half has never been told. Amazing coincidences and unexplained findings, mysterious signs, events, cases, characters...


Sorcery and Shamanism
This work goes a long way toward dispelling the sterotypes of shamans.


Hidden Mysteries : ETs, Ancient Mystery Schools and Ascension
Explores the unknown and suppressed aspects of Earth's past; reveals new information on the ET movement and secret teachings of the ancient Master schools.


Overcoming Obstacles
One's whole life is an obstacle course. The more obstacles you overcome, the bigger the prize. If you avoid the obstacles, then there is no prize. Without those obstacles, you would never discover your capabilities. So...


Face Reading, Orion Plain and Simple


The Ten Secrets of Heaven : Mysteries of the afterlife revealed
What is heaven like? What is your soul's purpose? Can you unlock your divine potential? With advances in modern medicine enabling more and more people to be brought back from the brink of death, it is now possible to paint...


Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot
Pocket Swiss Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck Size 2-1/4" x 3-1/2" just right to fit inside a pocket.


Astronaut Gods of the Maya : Extraterrestrial Technologies in the Temples and Sculptures
Sharing more than 200 never-before-published full-color photographs from his personal archives, bestselling author Erich von Daniken provides clear evidence of ancient alien contact and technology among the archaeological sites...


Past Lives, Present Miracles : The most empowering book on reincarnation you'll ever need... in this lifetime!
Miracles are possible in your life, easily and effortlessly. It's simply a matter of remembering who you are by removing the blockages between you and your soul. Almost all of these obstacles have their roots in your...


Your Ascension Mission : Embracing Your Puzzle Piece
This book shows how each person's puzzle piece is just as vital and necessary as any other. All aspects of living the fullest expression of your individuality.


Astrology for the Soul
For the first time ever, a famous spiritual astrologer shares the secrets, previously known only to professionals, that hold the key to your future.Astrologer Jan Spiller shows you the key to discovering your hidden talents,...


Atlantis Rising
The second book in the Sirian Revelations Trilogy explores the wisdom ancient Atlantis can offer contemporary seekers. The lost continent of Atlantis has existed in the collective consciousness of humankind for...


Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers : The Truth Behind the Misinformation, Distortion, and Derision by Debunkers, Government Agencies, and Conspiracy Conmen
There is a clear conspiracy to deny the existence of UFOs. The mainstream media has misinformed us for years about UFO studies conducted by highly regarded scientists associated with some of the finest universities in the...


The Lagom Life : A Swedish Way of Living
Discover lagom - the Swedish idea of balance, harmony, beauty and sufficency.Our love affair with all things Scandinavian shows no signs of letting up. Having embraced the Danish concept of hygge, we're now looking to...


The Boy Who Saw True : The Time-Honoured Classic of the Paranormal
The Boy Who Saw True is based on the diary entries of a young Victorian boy whose extraordinary supernatural talent reveals itself within these pages. By turns naive, insightful, funny and moving, it is an extremely convincing...


Tao Oracle
The first spiritual guide of its kind, the TAO ORACLE offers an exciting new look at the I Ching. Instead of cards and sticks, this clear, simple book unlocks the secrets of the I Ching using beautifully illustrated cards...


Free Your Mind
"The Four Directions help support and strengthen our transformational shift to a more universal consciousness." Melvin Grossman M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Retired Clinical Instructor Harvard Medical School....


Soul Communication: Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment
Do you want to communicate with your own soul? Do you want to communicate with your spiritual guides and angels? Do you want to communicate directly with the Divine? You can! In Soul Communication, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha reveals...


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: v. 2
The sacred Flower of Life pattern, the primary geometric generator of all physical form, is explored in even more depth in this volume. Drunvalo shares the instructions for the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, step-by-step techniques for...


Spirit Oracle
Give your spirit a voice with the inspirational Spirit Oracle, now in a new edition with updated cover art. Ask a question, pick a card and listen to the guidance that stems from your own soul. Rediscover the magical and...


Witch Doctor's Apprentice : Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon
When Nicole Maxwell first visited the Amazon more than forty years ago, she had no idea that she would make a life's work of the people, plants and lore to be found there. Decades before Americans became aware of the riches...


The Ascension Dimension : Transformational Keys for Spiritual Ascension
TRANSFORMATIONAL KEYS FOR SPIRITUAL ASCENSION How many of you yearn to part the fog surrounding you to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment? Do you long for the spiritual fulfillment lacking in your life, yet know not how to discover...


Druidry and Meditation
When I started running meditation groups, I searched for a book that would tell me how to do it. There wasn't one. Like many Pagans, I hate dogma and resent being told exactly what to do. But at the same time, like everyone...


Eating in the Light : Making the Switch to Veganism on Your Spiritual Path
Is vegetarianism the right path for you? This book will give you all the information you need to make that very personal decision for yourself. Doreen Virtue and Becky Prelitz show you that it isn't just the fat or...


The Inner Beauty Bible : Mindful Rituals to Nourish Your Soul
We all have inner beauty. This is your one-stop handbook to nurturing beauty and wellbeing from the inside out.Combining ancient wisdom with modern-day mindfulness, this book shows you how to polish your heart and nourish your...


Old Souls : Compelling Evidence From Children Who Remember Past Lives
For nearly seven decades psychiatrist Dr. Ian Stevenson has been travelling the world, tracking reports of children who claim to have lived before. Spontaneously they will recall vivid details about complete strangers who died...


The Sedona Vortex Guide Book
200-plus pages of channeled, never-before-published information on the vortex energies of Sedona and the techniques to enable you to use the vortexes as multidimensional portals to time, space and other realities. ...


Messages in the Numbers : The Universe is Talking to You
This book holds the key to decoding the secret messages in the numbers you notice around you - those repeating patterns on your phone, alarm, computer screen or the digital clock in your car and even in significant dates, your...


Crystal Bible
Beautifully illustrated, The Crystal Bible offers a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications. With informative descriptions and an easy-to-use format, it is an indispensable practical handbook for...


A Field Guide to Happiness : What I Learned in Bhutan about Living, Loving and Waking Up
'In the West, we have everything we could possibly need or want - except for peace of mind,' Linda Leaming writes, 'We go to extravagant lengths to try to be happy. Living in Bhutan and the United States has...


The Circuit of Force
Dion Fortune describes techniques for raising the personal magnetic forces within the human aura and their control and direction in magic and in life, which she regards as 'the Lost Secrets of the Western Esoteric...


Moon Spells : How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want
Achieve Your Desires--Tap Into the Hidden Power of the Moon!At any given moment, the moon shines down on half the world. Now, through the magick of Moon Spells, you can learn how to use its energies to achieve your...


First You Die : Learn to Live After the Death of Your Child
After several years of writing a regular column about the despair, anger and confusion she felt after the death of her only child, Marie Levine weaves the story of her own bereavement into a collection of essays, poems and...


The Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Rider-Waite Deck, the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative set will be cherished by all tarot collectors and art lovers. The deluxe set includes the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck and two...


Microchakras : Techniques for Innertuning
Each of the traditional 7 chakras contains 21 microchakras, which enable the chakras to process information related to our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. When the energy flowing in the chakras is blocked, our physical,...


Connecting with Horses : The Life Lessons We Can Learn from Horses
Margrit Coates is internationally acclaimed for her work as an animal healer and communicator, and is the author of Healing with Horses and Horses Talking. Now, for the first time, she explains how horses can offer healing and...


The God Molecule : 50-MeO-DMT and the Spiritual Path to Divine Light
Carlos Castaneda meets Breaking Bad in the true story of the world s most powerful entheogen. Leaving behind a sheltered, high-society lifestyle as a Mexican teenager desperate to understand his place in the universe, the author...


Coming From The Light
Powerfully moving and uplifting, the true stories gathered here open a door to the wondrous realm of life before life -- a realm from which those who are waiting to join us on Earth can speak to us and guide us. Here are...


The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You
"I know this may come as a shock, and you know I'm not fond of using stale one-liners, but--'reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.' I'm as alive now as I was on the day we met, except,...


Chinese Astrology, Orion Plain and Simple
A practical guide on how to work out your Chinese horoscope.Though perhaps less well-known here than its Western counterpart, Chinese astrology is every bit as illuminating and provides an equally valuable shortcut to...


The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life
From helping to build a health clinic in Tanzania to learning massage in Thailand to aiding green turtle conservation in Belize,The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life is full of fun, meaningful, and memorable...


A Little Bit of Runes : An Introduction to Norse Divination
From one of the world's most renowned authors on spirituality comes an accessible introduction to runes. Nordic runes are the most popular and easiest symbols to work with, and can effectively release energy for a positive...


Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes : Over 150 Recipes for Everyday Relaxation
Do you pine for a clean, fresh smelling home without the dangerous chemicals found in traditional "air freshening" products? Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes will show the reader how to combine and use these...


Pagan Portals - The Urban Ovate : The Handbook of Psychological Druidry
Presenting Druidry in an easy-to-understand way, making the concepts open to everyone. Pagan Portals - The Urban Ovate, continues the process started by Brendan Howlin in The Handbook of Urban Druidy by moving deeper into the...


The Voice of Animals : 10 Life-Healing Lessons We Can Learn From Animals
Life can be so busy and demanding that many of us are looking for new ways to find harmony - and what could be a better route to peace than by tuning into the wisdom of a much-loved dog, cat or horse?In her new book,...


The Chakra Project
Energy is all around us and within us at any time. You know that feeling when you walk into a room and can sense the mood, whether it is relaxed or tense, upbeat or low? Chakras are energy centres in the body, usually depicted...


The World's Most Mysterious Places
The World's Most Mysterious Places is a collection of stories about lost lands, weird locations, and strange sites, many of which the authors have investigated in person. Some of the places are actual sites we can visit,...


Waking to Beauty : Encounters with Remarkable Beings
In Waking to Beauty, Rosalyn W. Berne explores the extraordinary experiences that have shaped her spiritual journey. This book follows When the Horses Whisper, which details the author's capacity to "hear" and...


Ask an Angel : Oracle Cards and Book Set
This inspirational card set, featuring the illuminating artwork of best-selling artist and author Toni Carmine Salerno, allows you to quickly and easily receive answers to your questions and gain deeper insights into your...


Spirit World Wisdom
Miracles do happen! Toni Ann Winninger and Peter Watson Jenkins personally attest to that fact. Since 1st August 2007 they have received a steady stream of messages, answering questions and cries for help from readers of their...


A Lifting of the Veil
The true life story of two individuals that were brought together by the UFO phenomena. This life long journey began in 1945 long before Bob & Betty met. Little did either of them know they would be introduced to each other...


Energy Speaks : Guidance from the Collective
Energy Speaks is the first-ever published collection of channels from internationally renowned energy teacher and channeler, Lee Harris. Eight channels from his collective guides on the topics that touch us all including...


Birth 2012 and Beyond : Humanity'S Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution
Explaining how the planet's myriad crises are actually the birth pangs of a new Earth, this inspired exploration is Barbara Marx Hubbard's prophetic call for a planetary shift. It explores the aftermath of the coming...


Your Aura and Your Chakras : The Owner's Manual
A clear and comprehensive text for the restoration and maintenance of your subtle energy system. McLaren, who has worked with survivors of abuse and trauma, shows how to clear the chakras of old hurts and to cleanse and...


Forbidden Bigfoot : Exposing the Controversial Truth about Sasquatch, Stick Signs, UFOs, Human Origins, and the Strange Phenomena in Our Own Backyards
Mysterious footprints. Eerie screams. For centuries, if not longer, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters with the bizarre beasts responsible for mystifying us with the tantalizing evidence they leave behind....


Numerology Guidebook: Uncover Your Destiny and the Blueprint of Your Li Fe
Numerology is the ancient metaphysical science of numbers where your name and date of birth reveal the blueprint for your life. The Numerology Guidebook will help you to uncover your destiny and life purpose, along with your...


Where Pharaohs Dwell
In this thought-provoking book, Patricia Cori takes time from her channelled work as the Scribe to the Speakers of the Sirian High Council to focus on her past-life experiences in ancient Egypt.


Witchlings Deck and Book Set
Paulina Cassidy introduces her 40 wonderful Witchlings in this enchanting new deck and book set. The Witchlings share their easy and uplifting spells to help you access your own powerful energy and natural abilities. The...


Your Faery Magic : Discover What it Means to be Fey and Unlock Your Natural Power
Have you ever felt that you were 'different'? That the Otherworld was closer for you than it is for other folk? Have you ever wondered how you can tap into the wild, untamed magic of your own faery heart? Then this...


Into the Shadows


Warrior Wisdom
Martial arts legend Grandmaster Kazumi Tabata presents a brilliant analysis for modern readers of the most famous work of martial strategy, The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Warrior Wisdom also includes an analysis of the lesser-known...


Llewellyn's Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming : A Comprehensive Guide to Promote Creativity, Overcome Sleep Disturbances and Enhance Health and Wellness
A lucid dream is a dream in which you become aware that you re dreaming. It s a powerful opportunity to explore the unfathomable depths of reality, solve problems, create new possibilities, and take charge of your own healing...


Enigmas y Misterios Para Dummies
Descubre los misterios que nunca han querido que supieras! La ciencia y la tecnologia convencionales no siempre brindan una explicacion correcta de los fenomenos de la vida, del universo y de la humanidad. Civilizaciones...


Chakra Clearing : Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal
In Chakra Clearing, Doreen Virtue guides you through meditations and visualizations to clear your chakras, which activates your inborn healing and psychic abilities. When you clear away negative energy residues from fear and...


Mystic's Musings : A Profound Mystic of Our Times


Gratitude Journal : Writing & Creativity Journal
Created by artist and author Toni Carmine Salerno, this Writing & Creativity journal is designed to be a sacred space for you to the plant seeds of your future creations; a place to collect your scattered thoughts, and...


Cary-Yale Visconti
Tarot deck of 86 cards is comprised of 22 Major Arcana and 64 Minor Arcana. Deck includes reproductions of 67 tarocchi cards from the Collection of Playing Cards, now housed at Yale University. Ninetee cards have been recreated...


Darkness Over Tibet
In this second reprint of the rare 1930s travel book by Illion, the German traveller continues through Tibet and is given the directions to a strange underground city. As stated in the original publisher's remarks, this is...


Voyager Tarot : Way of the Great Oracle
Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle blends shamanism, psychology, art, and mythology into a modern ritual for self-creation. Featured are -The Four Golden Truths- and -The Seven Steps of Power- - processes for easy every-day...


Mermaid Magic : Connecting With the Energy of the Ocean and the Healing Power of Water
Dive into the inspirational realm of water, and discover the healing powers of mermaids, magic and the marine environment. From the authors of The Book of Faery Magic comes an enchanting new adventure into the power and beauty...


365 Ways to Attract Good Luck : Simple Steps to Take Control of Chance and Improve Your Fortune
What is good luck and how can you attract it into your life? Bestselling author Richard Webster demystifies luck, and shares 365 easy techniques anyone can use to increase their good fortune in every area of life. From using...


Alchemy of Soul : The Art of Spiritual Transformation
This new book teaches the ancient truth of alchemical liberation, by which each of us can overcome the dehumanizing forces all around us and grow into the full-bodied, open-minded, spiritually joyful beings we all have the...


Sacred Spaces
Altars and shrines take many forms, from the awe-inspiring structures in churches to the household shrines we use as a focal point for prayer. Whatever their form or size the common intent of them all is to create a personal...


Chakras, Auras, Subtle Bodies
Chakras, auras, subtle bodies offers a remarkably comprehensive guide to its subject, both to the student of ancient wisdom and to the follower of White Eagle's remarkable teaching - coming as it does from the subtle world...


Dreams of Dragons & Dragon Kin Coloring Book
This exquisite colouring book is a celebration of all things dragon. You'll find powerful protector dragons, little hatchling dragons and all kinds of dragon-inspired creatures - over 50 images selected from the...


E-Cubed : Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig
E-Squared, the international hit sensation, showed the world that thoughts really can become reality. Following on from this word-of-mouth smash, Pam presents deeper, more powerful proof of the quantum field's fantastic...


The Encyclopedia of Magic & Witchcraft : An Illustrated Historical Reference to Spiritual Worlds
This is a detailed historical and anthropological study of the traditions of witchcraft round the world with an in-depth examination of magic and its relationship with religion, from prehistory to the post-modern era. It...


Astrology, Orion Plain and Simple
A practical guide on how to learn about yourself and others using the zodiac.To the uninitiated, astrology can seem rather daunting. With all those measurements, degrees and logarithms - what's simple about it? This...


One Law : Henry Drummond on Nature's Law, Spirit, and Love
In his visionary work on the natural and sacred spheres, New Thought pioneer Henry Drummond started to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. He explained how modern laws of physics, biology, cybernetics, and ecology...


Trance Journeys of the Hunter-Gatherers : Ecstatic Practices to Reconnect with the Great Mother and Heal the Earth
Early man ran with the animals, lived with the animals, and was one with the wild symphony of the natural world--a time fondly remembered as the Garden of Eden, or Idunn as it is known in Norse mythology. But as humanity shifted...


Sexual Practices of the Druids : A Handbook of Magic and Ritual
A step-by-step guide to the ancient tradition of sex magic as practiced by generations of Celtic Druids - Details a wide range of sex magic rituals that may be used by couples, groups, and solitary practitioners - Explains how...


Angel Wings : An Oracle Book of Love, Light & Healing
The angels are a bridge between the dimensions of spirit and matter. Floating between the dream world and what we perceive to be the "real" world, they connect to the infinite well of creativity and potential inside...


Discovering Your Essence Path Book One : Your Essence Path and Other Quintessential Phenomena: A Handbook to Higher Levels of Spiritual Guidance
Almost a decade of telepathic work communicating with a group of Master Guides collectively identified as "Samuel" has led to the breakthrough spiritual and metaphysical information compiled in this two book series,...


Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal : Abductions, Apparitions, ESP, Synchronicity, and More Unexplained Phenomena from Other Realms
Covering topics from crypids to psychics, telekinesis to telepathy, this handbook guides readers through the eerie, the undeniable, and the strange world of the paranormal.


Attunements for Day and Night : Chants to the Sun and Moon
Japa--the repeated chanting of a mantra--is an age-old Hindu technique to help you become attuned with the planets and their ruling deities and thereby create peace and prosperity in your life. On this CD the noted Tantric...


The Little Book of Mumfulness


Ceremonial Magic and Power of Evocation
For centuries, the ceremonial evocation of spiritual beings has been Magic's darkest corner. But the simplest of Grimoires, the Heptameron of Peter de Abano, has escaped the attention of modern Ceremonialists. Its...