Category: Alternative Belief Systems

Demystifying Shamans and their World : A Multidisciplinary Study
Shamanism can be described as a group of techniques by which its practitioners enter the "spirit world," purportedly obtaining information that is used to help and to heal members of their social group. Despite a...


Return of the Bird Tribes
The second volume of the "Starseed" trilogy: Intuitive knowledge that retells American Indian myths and spirituality. "A stunning, shimmering, joyful experience."--Wayne Dyer, author of "Your Erroneous...


To Fly by Night
Hedgewitch Craft takes its name from the practice of travelling beyond the boundaries, of going past the "hedgerows" that divide what is known from what is unknown. Hedgewitches utilize diverse techniques to undertake...


Finding Sanctuary in Nature : Simple Ceremonies in the Native American Tradition for Healing Yourself and Others
These spiritual lessons are based on Native American shamanism but fit a wide range of interests from yoga and alternative medicine to Bible study and nature hiking. Hands-on exercises, step-by-step instructions for ceremonies,...


Liber XV : Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae
A brand new stand alone edition of Aleister Crowley's Liber VX: The Gnostic Mass ready for novices and lay congregants alike. It is designed to be more than just a reference manual, or just another book on your shelf. It is...


Death : The Great Adventure
With widespread publicity concerning the 'near death experience', many people are now searching for a deeper understanding of death and the process of dying. Esoteric teachings on the subtle bodies and their...


Harnessing Earth Magic (a Witch's Guide to Elemental Magic)
What would you do, if you could harness the power of the Earth?Most books concerning magic and the elements will lay out exactly how to call the elements or bend them to your will. This book is unique in that it will tell you...


Aliens Adored : Rael's UFO Religion
An in-depth look at the Raelian movement, founded in the 1970s by Rael, born in France as Claude Vorilhon. It traces Rael's philosophy and the formation of the Raelian subculture - radical sexual ethics, gnostic...


Navaho Legends
Navaho Legends is one of the earliest collections of Navajo oral traditions in English, and still the best. Originally published in 1897, this sensitive translation by Washington Matthews (1843-1905) contains an extensive...


Amulets : Sacred Charms of Power and Protection
The first comprehensive illustrated study of the use of amulets around the world and throughout history - Explores not only the substances and symbolism from which amulets derive, but also the people and objects they protect -...


Ultraculture Journal : Essays on Magick, Tantra and the Deconditioning of Consciousness
Ultraculture Journal collects under one cover some of the most volatile and direct tantric and magickal writing currently available in the English language. It will change you at the cellular level. You have been forewarned....


Tales of the Tuatha de Danann : A Dual Language Collection of Irish Myth, Volume 2
This dual language pocket book represents a collection of new translations of several Irish myths and texts from folklore. Each story is first presented in the original Old Irish and then in English so that a reader can...


Wicca Craft
"Wicca Craft: The Modern Witch's Book of Herbs, Magick, and Dreams" traces the origins of this positive, nature-based religion, which preaches brotherly love and harmony with and respect for all life forms-beliefs...


Blessed Be A to Z
"Blessed Be A to Z" is a whimsical series of short poems to highlight each letter of the alphabet, from a Pagan perspective that honors the Earth.


The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad: Book one
Means "way of the Eternal." These writings are the scriptures of Eckankar. Though possibly the oldest teachings known on earth, they speak to us directly -- today.


Plants of the Devil
Plants of the Devil examines the history and magic of herbs associated with Satan and his minions, delving into the folklore of ancient Europe and the British Isles. Examined in the book are the diabolical concept of the Wild...


The Starseed Transmissions
The first volume of the "Starseed" Trilogy: Intuitive knowledge featuring a startling new view of human evolution.